Social Application Decision Making framework

The Social Application Decision Making Framework is a brainstorming tool to help quickly vet out ideas for social applications, products, games and campaigns. It takes the brand out of the equation for a moment and really puts the focus on creating value for the user. By running your app ideas through this framework you can […]

Acqui-hire: Why Facebook & Twitter Are Doing It

“Zynga adds 50 people through talent acquisition of Video game maker Buzz Monkey” reads Monday’s headline, earlier this month, on TechCrunch (Kim-Mai Cutler). The public company acquired Oregon based Buzz monkey, not to make ‘video games’ (implying a move from social games) but rather to expand and bring on talent. A move, not so foreign […]

Use batch request to grab and save Facebook test user information

Facebook opened up their platform for application developers in 2007 and became one of the most accessed platforms via an API set. Over last few years functional modules were added both to the core API and developers tools offered by the social network giant. One of these amazing developer tool is the test users suite. […]

Startup Marketing: The Game Changer

When a smart aleck tweeted: “Saw a bird crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it,” he probably didn’t expect to be tweeted back by @smartcarusa, complete with infographic no less, “Couldn’t have been one bird, @adtothebone. Sounds more like 4.5 million. (Seriously, we did the math.)” Smart did the, well, smart thing. They turned […]

Smart TVs: Coming to a Home Near You

Guest editor, BNOTIONS copywriter, Ann Buechner has written this post. On any given evening, my husband and I are streaming a film on Netflix, looking up its cast and crew on IMDB, and voicing our (dis)pleasure on Facebook with said film and cast. “To the internet!” we say, hunched over our smartphones or at the […]

Tech Platforms and the Artist

Facebook and Twitter are, no doubt, fantastic social media tools for bands and musicians—particularly for simple updates and shoutouts—but what about for those tasks that require more complexity and nuance? That’s when the following apps and platforms may come in. MySpace. Yes, MySpace. The DIY wallpapers are gone, as are the ill-designed page layouts. While […]

Strategy at BNOTIONS in Accounts (Round 2)

BNOTIONS continues to build their team and hire the most passionate and talented leaders in the industry. Each of them adding a layer of experience, drive and quirkiness to the exploding tech shop that is BNOTIONS. One of the latest additions is Marco Tomada. A seasoned professional in the agency business, Marco brings a history […]

Second Screen Apps Are Next Level

Greg Carron and I love doing research and development. Previous endeavours include NFC, Arduino, and now… Second Screen Apps. On second thought, scratch that. Multi. Screen. Apps. A fairly new term floating around is second screen apps. This is the concept of using the same application on multiple devices at the same time. They do […]

BNOTIONS Presents Google I/O Extended – Meet Up & Watch Sessions

Tune in to I/O Live at BNOTIONS at 46 Hayden Street. The keynote and the sessions for Chrome, Android, Google+ and other select sessions will be streamed live during the three days of Google I/O in San Francisco, here in TO. Come on down to watch, learn, connect and discuss. This event will be a […]

Don’t Get Social Media Wrong

“Rania Alsayed on AJA says: Thugs told us that the Police told us to go out and do looting and stealing #jan25 #Egypt”; “People are STILL trying to take the Interior Ministry Heavy gunfire and reports of snipers #jan25”; “Downtown Cairo still reeks of tear gas. Shots ringing every few seconds near Parliament. Protesters set […]